Tender NameDate Of OpeningDownloadStatus
Chemical Glassware Tender 202415/03/2024View moreOpen
Raddie E-Tender13/03/2024View moreOpen
Petrol Diesel Tender12/03/2024View moreOpen
E-Tender : Installation of Photo Copy Machine for Photocopier Work16/02/2024View moreOpen
Light work tender (second Call)12/02/2024View moreOpen
TENDER : – Installation photocopy Machine09/02/2024View moreOpen
TENDER – Tender for Sound System ( Different Electronic Equipment)02/02/2024View moreOpen
Tender24/01/2024View moreOpen
Cleaning Items (update online E-tender) date 04-01-202404/01/2024View moreOpen
Stationary Items and envelops (update online E-tender) date 04-01-202404/01/2024View moreOpen
Non omr answer book tender notice pdf file 19-12-202319/12/2023View moreOpen
TENDER:- NON OMR answer book online tender 202315/12/2023View moreOpen
TENDER :-Tender for Photocopy work tender06/10/2023View moreOpen
TENDER :-Raddi E-tender06/10/2023View moreClose
Tender of Transformer Repair HT Sub Station15/09/2023View moreClose
Construction of Kailaashwasi Jiwajirao Scindia Statue at JUG Campus06/09/2023View moreClose
TENDER :- TENDER FOR CATERING23/08/2023View moreClose
Tender :- Catering services providing23/08/2023View moreClose
Tent tender online update 23-08-202323/08/2023View moreClose
Light Tender update 23-08-202323/08/2023View moreClose
COE Corrected Tender 17.05.2023 III Call12/05/2023View moreClose
Pre & Post Examination Work  2022-23 17/05/2023View moreClose
Binding work(2nd E-tender)17/05/2023View moreClose
Tent Tender online17/05/2023view moreClose
Stationary Items, Cleaning Items and Envelope online E-tender date 16-05-202317/05/2023View moreClose
Printing tender 16.05.202317/05/2023view moreclose
Pre & Post Examination Work Tender 16.05.202317/05/2023view moreclose
Light Tender Update 16-05-202317/05/2023view moreclose
Degree Container 16.05.202317/05/2023view moreclose
COE Tender 16.05.2023 III Call17/05/2023view moreclose
Degree Container23/03/2023view moreclose
Car Tender23/03/2023view moreclose
Boundary Wall23/03/2023view moreclose
Binding Tender E-tender23/03/2023view moreclose
Light Tender Update23/03/2023view moreclose
Printing Tender23/03/2023view moreclose
Pre & Post Examination work Tender23/03/2023view moreclose
Petrol Diesel Tender23/03/2023view moreclose
Tent Tender Online Update23/03/2023view moreclose
Statinory Items, Cleaning Items and Envelope online E-tender23/03/2023view moreclose
Quotation for false ceiling16/03/2023view moreclose
QUOTATION14/03/2023view moreclose
Tender :- 33X4 KVA Sub Station , 500 KVA Transformer Repairs and Biding14/03/2023view moreclose
Quotation for GLOW Sign Board etc.23/02/2023view moreclose
STAG AMERICAS STRONG & STURDY I.T.T.F. Approved 100mm wheels की दरे प्रदाय करने बाबद14/02/2023view moreclose
Tender : Equipment’s for Open GYM09/02/2023view moreclose
Submission of Quotation09/02/2023view moreclose
QUOTATION : – Repair Table, Chairs and Bad08/02/2023view moreclose
QUOTATION :- Fals ceiling and Tiles08/02/2023view moreclose
Quotation :- Plastic Modular LED Letter Wooden ACP Board with MONO07/02/2023view moreclose
Quotation for Diagnostic Kit01/02/2023view moreclose
QUOTATION24/01/2023view moreclose
QUOTATION INVITATION LETTER24/01/2023view moreclose
QUOTATION – 31317/01/2023view moreclose
QUOTATION – 31417/01/2023view moreclose
QUOTATION13/01/2023view moreclose
Office Order 02/1/2022 :- Bio-Matrix Attendance of Teachers/ Officers/ Employees03/01/2023view moreclose