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S.NoTender NameDate Of OpeningDownloadStatus
1QUOTATION27/12/2019view moreclose
2QUOTATION05/12/2019view moreclose
3QUOTATION02/12/2019view moreclose
4QUOTATION02/12/2019view moreclose
5Corrigendum For Catering30/11/2019view moreclose
6QUOTATION29/11/2019view moreclose
7QUOTATION FOR EQUIPMENTS28/11/2019view moreclose
8QUATITATION15/11/2019view moreclose
9Quotation for Auger Bits Machine13/11/2019view moreclose
10Binding tender new 2019-20 shourt tender online e-tender06/11/2019view moreclose
11Catering Services Providing in 2019 e-tender06/11/2019view moreclose
12Tender for Milipore water purifire system CIF06/11/2019view moreclose
13Sound System Providing in 2019 etender06/11/2019view moreclose
14E-Tender Suchana (Catering work, Sound system work, PWD Road work etc.)06/11/2019view moreclose
15QUATITATION05/11/2019view moreclose
16Quotation Notice for supply of Cultivator for Gardening work02/11/2019view moreclose
17CORRIGENDUM : Pre & Post Examination Work30/10/2019view moreclose
18Tender Documents for Pre & Post Examination work12/10/2019view moreclose
19QUOTATION LETTER06/09/2019view moreclose
20Tender Suchna of Store03/09/2019view moreclose
21Tender document for Providing and Fixing of Sound System in Galav Sabhagar31/08/2019view moreclose
22E-Tender Document for Annual Contract for Man Power31/08/2019view moreclose
23Quotation28/09/2019view moreclose
24Quotation24/09/2019view moreclose
25Quotation20/09/2019view moreclose
26Catering Services Providing in 2019 etender date extended 27.07.201927/07/2019view moreclose
28Chemical Glassware short Tender Notice 201901/07/2019view moreclose
29Catering Services Providing in 2019 E-tender01/07/2019view moreclose
30E-Tender Suchna01/07/2019view moreclose
31Tender Suchna12/06/2019view moreclose
32Tender Suchna04/06/2019view moreclose
33Tender Suchna01/06/2019view moreclose
34QUOTATION FOR SOS IN NEUROSCIENCE25/05/2019view moreclose
35II – Revised E-Tender25/04/2019view moreclose
36UPDETED TENDER DOCOMENT Proposal -Bid MEETING HELD ON 22.04.201925/04/2019view moreclose
37Revised E-Tender Notice26/03/2019view moreclose
38E-Tender for National Conference on “Fitness Health and Sports Sciences” (March 16-17, 2019)06/03/2019view moreclose
39Tender Notice for University Record Digitisation01/03/2019view moreclose
40E-Tender Notice for Laying of PU Sports Flooring for Indoor Multi-Functional Hall at Jiwaji University, Gwalior01/03/2019view moreclose
41E – TENDER SUCHANA01/03/2019view moreclose
42Detail Tender Document of OMR Sheet01/03/2019view moreclose
43Detail Tender Document of Binding01/03/2019view moreclose
44Detail Tender Document of Tent Tender01/03/2019view moreclose
45Detail Tender Document of Stationery Tender01/03/2019view moreclose
46Detail Tender Document of Light Tender01/03/2019view moreclose
47Detail Tender Document of Printing Tender Part-A01/03/2019view moreclose
48Detail Tender Document of Printing Tender Part-B01/03/2019view moreclose
49Tender Notice for supply of instruments in Health Centre, Jiwaji University, Gwalior06/02/2019view moreclose
50QUOTATION – (SOS IN ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE)04/02/2019view moreclose
51Rates Contract for Taxi30/01/2019view moreclose
52Quotation for Purchase Furniture25/01/2019view moreclose
53Tender for Registration of Firms in the University18/01/2019view moreclose
54Quotation for UV-Transilluminator-reg17/01/2019view moreclose
55Quotation for Purchase LED Smart TV10/01/2019view moreclose