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A large section of the teachers is actively engaged in research. All the teachers, anyway, guide research at Master’s and Ph.D. programmes. As many as 89 theses have been awarded Ph.D. in past 3 years.

Besides this, we have completed 28 projects in past 3 years with a total budget outlay of Rs.72,00,000. All the funding agencies have in one or more instances have identified our faculty for their research abilities and sponsored their research projects.

Now we have 24 ongoing research projects with a total budget outlay of a little more than Rs. 2 crores. About a dozen of research, proposals are in the pipeline. Most projects in progress have been very effectively supported by the University administration. Recently we have established a new forum called ‘Jiwaji University Research Forum’ which provides a platform for active researchers to discuss and resolve to reach better highs in research. We keep pondering ourselves for better research proposals. Recently we organized a workshop on ‘Planning and Presentation of Research Proposals’, which was attended by the senior Executives from the Department of Science & Technology and the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.

Our laboratories are equipped to meet the need of the type of research they harbor. It is clear from the list enclosed that most laboratories are self-sufficient and some of the facilities developed in past few years are encouraging.

Fifty-four students have been registered for Ph.D. of whom 30 have fellowships. Seven Post-doctoral are on the role.

The research out put is also encouraging. We have published 350 papers in past 5 years. We have 1:1 publication ratio for science faculty and 1:0.5 in the humanities and management faculties.

The faculty of this university is getting geared up to consultancy and associated activities. It will take a while primarily because we have paucity of faculty. In addition to the normal teaching of the regular subjects most teachers engage themselves in teaching of the self supporting programmes, which are mostly of interdisciplinary in nature.

We have organized as many as 36 National and International Conferences in the campus during past 3 years. In addition, we have extended training to mid-career scientists through workshops. This clearly establishes that our faculty is well trained and our laboratories are well equipped.

In view of emerging nature and substantial contributions in the subject by our faculty, the University has, this year, established 4 centres for research and teaching namely Virah Mihir Centre for Mathematics, Tansen Institute of Performing Arts, Regional Study Centre for Culture and Heritage and the Neuroscience Centre.

The University is relatively young yet have moderate infrastructure to accommodate all the teaching programmes. In fact, now we have more career oriented self-supporting programmes than the regular ones. Each self-supporting programme has developed almost to the level of individualDepartments. We have difficulties of space still would manage to accommodate various new Departments and Centres.

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