The campus is planned in such a way that all the residents of the university including teachers, non- teaching staff and students have an easy access to all the daily needs and other facilities within a walking distance. Most of the teachers reside in the campus. There is an efficient team of Security Personnel that maintains safety and security of the campus.

The University Health Centre, situated in the campus provides First Aid and other basic medical facilities to all students, staff members, employees and their wards. A Medical Officer is available for consultation during morning and evening hours at the University Health Centre.



The Computer Centre was established in 1988 under able guidance of the then Vice-chancellor Dr. K.K. Tiwari. It was formerly opened by his Excellency Prof. K.M. Chandi, the then governor of Madhya Pradesh on the auspicious day 28 February 1988. In the beginning this Centre was equipped with the Main Frame ICIM 6000. The furnishing of the centre was also of latest type and the same was done by the ICIM agency. This centre was one of the best centre’s of this part of the country. The first course launched by the centre was Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application, which was later on converted into MCA. The pass out of this course could obtain good placement in various organizations.

Computer Centre was established for the purpose of providing central computing facility to university teaching departments and research activities. Another objective of the centre was to computerize various activities of the university in order to provide better services to the students. Since its establishment center has performed various tasks assigned to it satisfactorily. The centre is also equipped with High Speed Internet.

Academically and socially very congenial environment is provided to all the students residing in the campus. The "Mrignayani Girls Hostel" and “Tatya Tope Girls Hostel” are situated within the campus. The hostels have all the required facilities with well furnished rooms. Appropriate security arrangements have also been made for these hostels. In view of the increasing strength of girl students, the existing accommodation is being extended to provide more rooms. One of the boys hostel named after Captain Roop Singh, a veteran hockey player is also located within the campus to accommodate 150 students. Another boy’s hostel is Arya Bhatta Hostel, which is also well furnished with the Internet and other recreation facilities.

University provides in house services of photocopying at subsidized rates to all its members including students. The facility of INFLIBNET has also become available to the researchers of the university to get free access to around 500 research journals and information (UGC INFONET) etc. Computer and internet facilities are accessible to the students for the whole day in various schools of studies as well as in central library.

In addition, UGC grants University for starting Smart Classes in selected School of Studies so as to provide the latest teaching facilities to the students.
Post Office, Central Bank of India, Cafeteria and a Milk Parlor are also located within the campus so that the basic necessitates are reachable to our students. Employment exchange and Student counseling Centre are also located within the university.