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S.NoTender NameDate Of OpeningDownloadStatus
1Quotation to Purchase Pump30/12/2022view moreclose
2Short Tender Notice :- Scrap items30/12/2022view moreclose
3TENDER NOTICE :- COE 16 Instruments Tender Notice29/12/2022view moreclose
4TENDER08/12/2022view moreclose
5QUOTATION08/12/2022view moreclose
6QUOTATION08/12/2022view moreclose
7QUOTATION05/12/2022view moreclose
8Quotation for Installation of CCTV Camera01/12/2022view moreclose
9Quotation for Envelops01/12/2022view moreclose
10Degree Container 2022-2325/11/2022view moreclose
11Printing Work 2022-2325/11/2022view moreclose
12Non OMR Anwer Book 2022-2325/11/2022view moreclose
13Pre & Post Examination work 2022-2325/11/2022view moreclose
14QUOTATION25/11/2022view moreclose
15QUOTATION17/11/2022view moreclose
16QUOTATION16/11/2022view moreclose
17QUOTATION03/11/2022view moreclose
18QUOTATION03/11/2022view moreclose
19QUOTATION31/10/2022view moreclose
20QUOTATION18/10/2022view moreclose
21QUOTATION17/10/2022view moreclose
22QUOTATION-20614/10/2022view moreclose
23QUOTATION-20514/10/2022view moreclose
24Supply and Installation of Rain Water purification and Recharing System Tender October 202213/10/2022view moreclose
25Boundary Wall Tender October 202213/10/2022view moreclose
26Printing Tender 2022-2311/10/2022view moreclose
27Pre & Post Examination work Tender 2022-2311/10/2022view moreclose
28Non OMR Anwer Book 2022-2311/10/2022view moreclose
29Degree Container 2022-2311/10/2022view moreclose
30Binding Tender New 2022-23 Online E-tender11/10/2022view moreclose
31Tender Advertisement11/10/2022view moreclose
32QUOTATION LETTER07/10/2022view moreclose
33QUOTATION28/09/2022view moreclose
34Filling of Fire Fighting Equipment Cylinders27/09/2022view moreclose
35Quotation Invitation for Retro reflecting sign Board26/09/2022view moreclose
36Quotation Letter for Supply & Installation CCTV Camera08/09/2022view moreclose
378 Tender Cancellation Information07/09/2022view more close
38Firm Registration Tender10/08/2022view moreclose
39QUOTATION -15105/08/2022view moreclose
40QUOTATION -15005/08/2022view moreclose
41QUOTATION -14905/08/2022view moreclose
42QUOTATION -14805/08/2022view moreclose
43QUOTATION -14605/08/2022view moreclose
44Quotation Invitation for Air Conditioner (Second Call)03/08/2022view moreclose
45Quotation Letter for Supply & CCTV Camera Installation03/08/2022view moreclose
46Quotation Inviting for 33 KV line repair work at HT Sub-Station and Multiart of Univeristy02/08/2022view moreclose
47Quotation Inviting for Generator Repair Work in Galav Sabhagar02/08/2022view moreclose
48Quotation Inviting for VCV Panel of Sub-station Repair Work02/08/2022view moreclose
49Quotation Inviting for Pump Repair Work02/08/2022view moreclose
50Quotation invitation for electrical repair work at Vice Chancellor’s residence02/08/2022view moreclose
51Quotation Invitation for Electrical cable work for A.C. Installation in Law Institute02/08/2022view moreclose
52Quotation Invitation Letter for Purchase Hot Display Counter02/08/2022view moreclose
53Quotation for supply and Installation CCTV camera29/07/2022view moreclose
54Quotation for supply and Installation networking items29/07/2022view moreclose
55UV Visible Spectrophotometer25/07/2022view moreclose
56E-Tender06/06/2022view moreclose
57Petrol Diesel Third call Tender06/06/2022view moreclose
59QUOTATION :Refiling of Fire Fighting Equipments02/06/2022view moreclose
60Corrigendum of Gel Doc System Instrument01/06/2022view moreclose
61CoE Scientific Instrument Notice and Document01/06/2022view moreclose
62E-Tender Notice27/05/2022view moreclose
63OMR Sheet Tender26/05/2022view moreclose
64QUOTATION18/05/2022view moreclose
65Proposal for Redesigning & Development Web-Site for JIWAJI UNIVERSITY, GWALIOR – www.mptenders.gov.in – Tender Id: 2022_JIWAJI_204906_113/05/2022view moreclose
66Tender :- OMR Answer Books27/04/2022view moreclose
67ELECTRIC CABLE TERMINATOR26/04/2022view moreclose
68Quotation Letter25/04/2023view moreclose
69Quotation Invitation Letter – 06621/04/2023view moreclose
70Quotation Invitation Letter – 06921/04/2023view moreclose
71Quotation19/04/2022view moreclose
72Notice of second invitation for supply of Petrol, Diesel, Oil13/04/2022view moreclose
73Firm registration Corrected Tender Notice letter 7-04-2022 022-2307/04/2022view moreclose
74Quotation Invitation Letter – 04831/03/2022view moreclose
75Quotation Invitation Letter – 04931/03/2022view moreclose
76Chemical glass ware, plastic ware and other class work material28/03/2022view moreclose
77Quotation24/03/2022view moreclose
78Tender:-Physiotherapy equipment24/03/2022view moreclose
79Quotation Letter13/03/2022view moreclose
80PETROL, DIESEL, LUBRICANTS PROPOSALS04/03/2022view moreclose
81Firm Registration tender 2022-2302/03/2022view moreclose
82Quotation02/03/2022view moreclose
83Quotation letter21/02/2022view moreclose
84Quotation for Supply and Installation CCTV11/02/2022view moreclose
85Quotation for Supply and Installation Smart TV11/02/2022view moreclose
86Quotation Invitation Letter – 2131/01/2022view moreclose
87Quotation Invitation Letter – 2031/01/2022view moreclose
88quotation Invitation letter25/01/2022view moreclose
89Quotation Invitation – 1021/01/2022view moreclose
90Quotation Invitation – 0921/01/2022view moreclose
91quotation Invitation letter12/01/2022view moreclose
92quotation Invitation letter05/01/2022view moreclose
93quotation Invitation letter04/01/2022view moreclose