Tender and Quotations 2020

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S.NoTender NameDate Of OpeningDownloadStatus
1Quotation31/12/2020view moreclose
2SUCHANA28/12/2020view moreclose
3An Urgent Revised Letter Rega. UG-BA_BCom_BSC_BSC (Home Sc.) I, II, III Year Suppl. Exam Nov. 2021 CCE & Practical Exam Marks Online Update till 25-12-202121/12/2020view moreclose
4An Urgent Rev. Letter Reg. BA, B.Com.,B.Sc.& B.Sc.(Home Sc.). II, IV & VI Sem. (For College – ATKT Stud.)Exam June, 2021 CCE_Practical Marks Online Update Till Dated 25-12-202121/12/2020view moreclose
5OFFICE ORDER : Appointment of Guest Faculty in SOS Session 2021-2221/12/2020view moreclose
6Renewal Special Annual electrical Repairing and Manintanance Work08/12/2020view moreclose
7Renewal Special Annual Civil Repairing and Manintanance Work 2nd Call08/12/2020view moreclose
8Water Proofing work of Different Buildings roof 2nd Call07/12/2020view moreclose
9Tender – Suchna02/12/2020view moreclose
10E-Tender : Civil Maintenance work and other Various works27/11/2020view moreclose
11Corrigendum for IT Hardware and Equipments20/11/2020view moreclose
12Raddi E-tender 2020-2129/10/2020view moreclose
13Lift Tender-converted29/10/2020view moreclose
14Degree Container29/10/2020view moreclose
15CoE Tender RFID for Library29/10/2020view moreclose
16CoE Tender IT hardware & equiments29/10/2020view moreclose
17CoE Tender for Handmade made paper machinery & other equipments29/10/2020view moreclose
18CoE TENDER Equipment29/10/2020view moreclose
19Corrigendum for HPC Tender29/10/2020view moreclose
20Tender Notice28/10/2020view moreclose
21Amendment e-tender Notice20/10/2020view moreclose
22Quotation Letter for Supply & Installation Networking Items09/10/2020view moreclose
23Tender of Equipment and others05/10/2020view moreclose
24Corrigendum for Raddee Tender30/09/2020view moreclose
25E-Tender Notice25/07/2020view moreclose
26Tender Notice13/07/2020view moreclose
28QUOTATION22/06/2020view moreclose
29Quotation for supply instruments in Centre for Translational Research, Jiwaji University Gwalior16/03/2020view moreclose
30Quotation for Curtain-reg.24/02/2020view moreclose
311. Expression of interest (EOI) for selection of consultancy firms/individuals for preparation of Tender documents. 2. Expression of Interest for IT Experts/Consultant19/02/2020view moreclose
32Quotation for Lamination, Binding & Clipping work12/02/2020view moreclose
33Quotation for supply of building materials for civil repairing work11/02/2020view moreclose
34E-Tender Document for Man power Services to be Provided at Jiwaji University, Gwalior (MP)04/02/2020view moreclose
35Raddee Selling of Used Answer book and similar scrap paper material 202004/02/2020view moreclose
36Tender Document for Providing and Fixing of Sound System in Galav Sabhagar, Jiwaji University, Gwalior – III Call04/02/2020view moreclose
37Quotation for Curtain-reg29/01/2020view moreclose
38E-Tender Notice – Supply of Instruments for Pharmacy25/01/2020view moreclose
39Quotation Notice for supply of Cultivator for Gardening work25/01/2020view moreclose
40QUOTATION25/01/2020view moreclose
41Quotation for supply of Auger Bits M/c22/01/2023view moreclose
42Quotation of DSLR Camera22/01/2023view moreclose
43Tender for MHG Chemiluminescence Imaging Instruments16/01/2020view moreclose
44ENOVA FOR RENT13/01/2020view moreclose
46E-TENDER NOTICE – Self Learning Material07/01/2020view moreclose