Tender and Quotation 2021

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S.NoTender NameDate Of OpeningDownloadStatus
1Supply MAT on Badminton Court29/12/2021view moreclose
2Quotation Invitation Letter – 32427/12/2021view moreclose
3Quotation Invitation Letter – 32227/12/2021view moreclose
4Quotation Invitation Letter – 32127/12/2021view moreclose
5Quotation16/12/2021view moreclose
6FLOOD LIGHT 22 W14/12/2021view moreclose
7STAG AMRERICAS STONG & STUDY I.T.T.F. APPROVED 100 mm WHEEELS14/12/2021view moreclose
8Quotation for Aluminium partition and other works in Microbiology Department, Jiwaji University29/11/2021view moreclose
9Quotation letter10/11/2021view moreclose
10Quotation12/10/2021view moreclose
11Quotation letter01/10/2021view moreclose
12Quotation27/09/2021view moreclose
13Amendment E-Tender Notice15/09/2021view moreclose
14Send Annual Report – 2020-21 Information13/09/2021view moreclose
15Quotation letter10/09/2021view moreclose
16Online e-Tender Notice31/08/2021view moreclose
17QUOTATION – 21225/08/2021view moreclose
18QUOTATION – 21025/08/2021view moreclose
19E-tender Notice for Supply of Equipments, Handmade Paper Machinery, Degree Containers, Lift, Sound System, Material for Electrical Repairing and New boring work at SOS, Jiwaji University, Gwalior25/08/2021view moreclose
20Quotation for Lab Gas Fitting25/08/2021view moreclose
21QUOTATION – HEALTH CENTER24/08/2021view moreclose
22Quotation09/08/2021view moreclose
23Quotation02/08/2021view moreclose
24Quotation06/07/2021view moreclose
25Quotation Invitation05/07/2021view moreclose
26Corrigendum :-23/06/202124/06/2021view moreclose
27Quotation24/06/2021view moreclose
28Online e-Tender Notice14/06/2021view moreclose
29Revised Quotation10/06/2021view moreclose
30Tender notice05/06/2021view moreclose
31Tender notice04/06/2021view moreclose
32Tender notice04/06/2021view moreclose
33Amendment E-Tender Notice19/05/2021view moreclose
34Etender26/04/2021view moreclose
35COE Amendment E-Tender Notice 16/04/2021 Letter16/04/2021view moreclose
36Printing tender 2021 update 7.04.202108/04/2021view moreclose
37Light tender update 7-04-202108/04/2021view moreclose
38IT hardware & equiments 7-04-202108/04/2021view moreclose
39Handmade made paper machinery & other equipments update 7.04.202108/04/2021view moreclose
40Degree Container update 7.04.202108/04/2021view moreclose
41Tent tender online update 7.04.202108/04/2021view moreclose
42Sound System Providing in 2020 E-Tender08/04/2021view moreclose
43Lift Tender 7-04-2021-converted08/04/2021view moreclose
44CoE TENDER Equipment update 8-04-202108/04/2021view moreclose
45TENDER03/04/2021view moreclose
46COE Tender Notice update 23-03-202123/03/2021view moreclose
47COE Tender amendment letter 23-03-202123/03/2021view moreclose
48E-Nivida suchana (Second)08/03/2021view moreclose
49Online E-Tender Notice (Second Call)08/03/2021view moreclose
50Supply of Equipment, Handmade Paper Machinery, Lift and EOI01/03/2021view moreclose
51Tender24/02/2021view moreclose
52Speed Post04/02/2021view moreclose
53Quotation29/01/2021view moreclose
54Tent Tender Online 202123/01/2021view moreclose
55Printing Tender 2021 Update23/01/2021view moreclose
56Light Tender 202123/01/2021view moreclose
57Sound System Providing in 2020 E-Tender23/01/2021view moreclose
58Catering Services Providing 2021 Update23/01/2021view moreclose
59Tender Notice 202122/01/2021view moreclose
60Quotation19/01/2021view moreclose
61Quotation-41119/01/2021view moreclose
62Tender for Galav Sabhagrah05/01/2021view moreclose
63Sound System Providing in 2020 E-Tender05/01/2021view moreclose
64Printing Tender 202005/01/2021view moreclose
65Light Tender05/01/2021view moreclose
66Catering Services Providing 202005/01/2021view moreclose
67Tent Tender Online05/01/2021view moreclose