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S.NoTender NameDate Of OpeningDownloadStatus
1Tender Document for Annual Contract for Security Guard Services 2017-1830/12/2017view moreclose
2Quotation for Identity Card28/12/2017view moreclose
3E-tender notice for Binding work, Catering work and Old Vehicle sale27/12/2017view moreclose
4Quotation for Utensils and tools for QTK20/12/2017view moreclose
5Quotation for Utensils and tools for BTK20/12/2017view moreclose
6Quotation for Liquid Nitrogen Container19/12/2017view moreclose
7Tender Document – Integrated University Management System16/12/2017view moreclose
8Tender Notice – Integrated University Management System16/12/2017view moreclose
9Quotation for Electronic Balance-reg.15/12/2017view moreclose
10Quotation for Eppendorf Centrifuge-reg.15/12/2017view moreclose
11Quotation for Moxcare Mini Dry Bath with Digital Temp.reg.15/12/2017view moreclose
12Quotation for supply of Visible Spectrophotometer – SOS in Environmental Sciences13/12/2017view moreclose
13SUPPLY,Installation & Commissioning and Expansion of Existing CCTVSurveillance System : Corrected13/12/2017view moreclose
14Quotation -737 for supply of material12/12/2017view moreclose
15Quotation for supply of JCB Machine and Tractor Supa for Cleaning Work30/11/2017view moreclose
16Tender Document for providing Catering Services in Jiwaji University, Gwalior29/11/2017view moreclose
17E-Tender Notice for Binding Work (Third Call)29/11/2017view moreclose
18E-Tender Notice for Old Vehicle Sale29/11/2017view moreclose
19Quotation for supply of Nikon 16x50CF Action extreme ATB Binocular28/11/2017view moreclose
20Quotation for Hospital revolving steel stool of SOS food technology. Jiwaji University25/11/2017view moreclose
21Quotation for supply of Inverter Battery24/11/2017view moreclose
22E-Tender Notice for Transformer, Electric Line, Repairing work21/11/2017view moreclose
23Adhisuchana for supply of Imported Projection Screen and cables21/11/2017view moreclose
24Quotation for supply of materials20/11/2017view moreclose
25QUOTATION For – Trans Blot SD-Semi Dry Electrophoretic Transfer Cell-reg18/11/2017view moreclose
26Quotation for Glossary Items for HMCT Food Production Lab16/11/2017view moreclose
27Quotation for supply of Vegetables & Fruits16/11/2017view moreclose
28Quotation for supply of Dairy Products16/11/2017view moreclose
29Quotation for Meat Products16/11/2017view moreclose
30Qutation for JCB Machine and tractor rates to be provided for cleaning work13/11/2017view moreclose
31E-Tender Document for Annual Contract For Man Power At Tender Jiwaji University09/11/2017view moreclose
32Tender Notice for Cleaning work at Jiwaji University, Gwalior28/10/2017view moreclose
33E-Tender Notice for Cleaning work at Jiwaji University, Gwalior28/10/2017view moreclose
34Quotation No. – 22 for supply of instruments in Health Centre, Jiwaji University Gwalior27/10/2017view moreclose
35Quotation No. – 1782 for supply of instruments in Institute of Engineering, Jiwaji University Gwalior27/10/2017view moreclose
36Quotation for supply of Table and Chairs of Chemistry Lab26/10/2017view moreclose
37Quotation for meals23/10/2017view moreclose
38E-Tender for supply of Furniture 2017-1816/10/2017view moreclose
39Qutation for JCB Machine and tractor rates to be provided for cleaning work13/10/2017view moreclose
40PWD Building Construction13/10/2017view moreclose
41Qutation for Kent RO13/10/2017view moreclose
42Quotation for Sigma/abcam Chemicals reg.11/10/2017view moreclose
43Quotation for supply of Conference Bags07/10/2017view moreclose
44Tender Notice for supply of Electric Materials06/10/2017view moreclose
45Online e-Tender Notice for Binding Work 201706/10/2017view moreclose
46Online e-Tender Notice for Vehicle sales06/10/2017view moreclose
47Quotation for supply of instruments in Centre for Food Technology, Jiwaji University, Gwalior22/09/2017view moreclose
48Quotation for purchase of Refrigerators for SOS In Biochemistry, Jiwaji University, Gwalior22/09/2017view moreclose
50Quotation for supply of KANT R. O. MODAL FIRST15/09/2017view moreclose
51E-Tender Notice – Printing Work04/09/2017view moreclose
52Quotation for supply of Precission Electronics Balance30/08/2017view moreclose
53Tender Notice for supply of Laboratory Consumables For The Period August 2017 to March 201923/08/2017view moreclose
54Tender Notice for Registration of Firms for 201723/08/2017view moreclose
55Tender Notice for Printing Work – Part A (Third Call)21/08/2017view moreclose
56Tender Notice for Printing Work – Part B (Third Call)21/08/2017view moreclose
57E-Tender Notice – Proposal for Redesigning & Developing Web-Site for Jiwaji University, Gwalior (Second Call)10/08/2017view moreclose
58Quotation for supply of instruments for SOS in Microbiology, Jiwaji University, Gwalior05/08/2017view moreclose
59Quotation for supply of Split Air Conditioner05/08/2017view moreclose
60E-Tender Document for Binding work25/07/2017view moreclose
61E-Tender Notice for Vehicle Sale25/07/2017view moreclose
62Quotation for supply of Drawing Sheet20/07/2017view moreclose
63Adisuchana17/07/2017view moreclose
64Quotation for supply of Invertor Battery17/07/2017view moreclose
65Quotation for supply of Refrigerated Centrifuge for SOS in Biochemistry, Jiwaji University, Gwalior15/07/2017view moreclose
66Quotation15/07/2017view moreclose
67Quotation for supply of instruments SOS in Botany, Jiwaji University, Gwalior13/07/2017view moreclose
68Advertisement13/07/2017view moreclose
69Tender Form for supply of Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope11/07/2017view moreclose
70Quotation -13106/07/2017view moreclose
71E-Tender Document for Pre and Post Examination Work05/07/2017view moreclose
72Tender Notice for Transformer, Electric Line and Maintenance Work04/07/2017view moreclose
73Quotation – 11403/07/2017view moreclose
74Quotation – 158903/07/2017view moreclose
75E-Tender document for supply of Kabaddi & Wrestling Mats29/06/2017view moreclose
76E-Tender Notice for supply of Instruments – SOS in Botany, Jiwaji University, Gwalior09/06/2017view moreclose
77E-Tender Notcie for Construction Work at Jiwaji University, Gwalior02/06/2017view moreclose
78Tender Notice for supply of Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope – SOS in Zoology, Jiwaji University, Gwalior31/05/2017view moreclose
79Quotation for supply of Imported Projection Screen, Hanger, Data Cable etc.31/05/2017view moreclose
80Tender of Track Suit and Blazzer29/05/2017view moreclose
81Quotation for Electronic Balances of SOS in biochemistry25/05/2017view moreclose
82Quotation for pH Meter of SOS in biochemistry25/05/2017view moreclose
83Quotation to supply Electric materials25/05/2017view moreclose
84Tender Notice for supply of Envelope24/05/2017view moreclose
85Quotation invite for Sofaset15/05/2017view moreclose
86TENDER – For Tent and Decoration Work15/05/2017view moreclose
87Quotation for supply of Envelope11/05/2017view moreclose
88Quotation for supply of Envelope04/05/2017view moreclose
89E-tender notice for supply of Stationery03/05/2017view moreclose
90Quotation for supply of Laptop01/05/2017view moreclose
91Tender Notice for Raddi27/04/2017view moreclose
92Tender Notice for supply of Stabilizer27/04/2017view moreclose
93Invitation of e-Tender (Second Call) for comprehensive AMC of window and split AC25/04/2017view moreclose
94Quotation invite for supply of Sofaset of Galav Sabhagar Guest Room, Jiwaji University, Gwalior22/04/2017view moreclose
95Quotation invite for Aluminium Partition, in SOS in Zoology, Jiwaji University, Gwalior21/04/2017view moreclose
96Quotation for supply of Computer Table and Notice Board18/04/2017view moreclose
97Quotation for repair of Computer, Printer parts27/03/2017view moreclose
98Quotation invite for Computer Table of Engineering Department, Jiwaji University, Gwalior24/03/2017view moreclose
99E-TENDER – Comprehensives AMC of Window and Split AC units23/03/2017view moreclose
100Campus Wi-Fi Quotations for JU Residential Area18/03/2017view moreclose
101Quotation for AMD A10 based desktops18/03/2017view moreclose
102Tender For Camera09/03/2017view moreclose
103E-Tender Notice for Redesigning and developing website for Jiwaji University, Gwalior02/03/2017view moreclose
104Quotation for Printing Works25/02/2017view moreclose
105Quotation for supply of laptop22/02/2017view moreclose
106Quotation for supply of equipments – SOS in Zoology21/02/2017view moreclose
107Quotation Invitation of Bags for National Seminar21/02/2017view moreclose
108Statinory Online E-Tender20/02/2017view moreclose
109Quotation invited for wooden furniture of SOS in AIHCA Jiwaji University, Gwalior15/02/2017view moreclose
110Qutation for Digital spectrophotometer of SOS in biochemistry14/02/2017view moreclose
111Quotation for Desktop PC13/02/2017view moreclose
112Online E-Tender Notice for supply of Instruments13/02/2017view moreclose
113Online E-Tender Notice for supply of Engineering Softwares09/02/2017view moreclose
114Quotation for Degree Container09/02/2017view moreclose
117E-TENDER FOR PRINTING WORK04/02/2017view moreclose
118E-tender notice & Document for purchasing Track Suit in the University03/02/2017view moreclose
119Quotation for Providing and Fixing Aluminium Partition03/02/2017view moreclose
120E-tender notice & Document for purchasing Blazer in the University03/02/2017view moreclose
121QUOTATION :TO Supply Sound System in SOS in Food Technology02/02/2017view moreclose
122QUOTATION :TO Supply Furniture in SOS in Food Technology02/02/2017view moreclose
123Quotation for Green Mat in Botany01/02/2017view moreclose
124Quotation for Furniture of Computer Science Department, Jiwaji University, Gwalior31/01/2017view moreclose
125Request for quotations for purchase of Computers for our school31/01/2017view moreclose
126Quotation for providing and fixing of aluminium powder coated doors31/01/2017view moreclose
127Quotation for Instruments in Central Instrumentation Facility20/01/2017view moreclose
128Call Letter for Quotation Central Instrumentation Facility19/01/2017view moreclose
129Letter for Supply of Computer Printers in SOS in Chemistry19/01/2017view moreclose
130Quotation for Instruments in Zoology17/01/2017view moreclose
131Letter for Supply of Electronic Balances in SOS in Chemistry16/01/2017view moreclose
132Quotation invited for wooden furniture of SOS in Economics, Jiwaji University, Gwalior10/01/2017view moreclose
133Tender Notice for supply vehicle with driver07/01/2017view moreclose
134Tender Notice for Supply Digital Electronic Microbalance and Magnetic Susceptibility Balance06/01/2017view moreclose
135MPJUG Tender-17 (tender for micro balance)06/01/2017view moreclose
136MPJUG Tender-18 (tender for magnetic balance)06/01/2017view moreclose