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Vidya Prapyate Tejaha is the motto of the University.

Distance education, a developing educational delivery system, is an alternative to traditional classroom teaching. Distance education is intended primarily to meet the education needs of students who are not able to take regular classes at specific physical locations or are not able to abide by time-line of regular courses. Distance education shifts the control over pace of learning to students. Additionally, distance education helps in blending their formal education with informal powerful experience. Further, there is a provision of counseling as well where they can get groomed about the course undertaken by them

The Distance Education can play complement or substitute regular education, the way you wish to use it. It also serves as a movement to overcome generic problems of scarcity and exclusivity of traditional universities. The challenges before the open and distance learning system is not on how to be an alternative system but to make a definite contribution to the development of knowledge-based human recourses rather than simply being a mechanism to expand the existing educational system.

School of Distance education is one of the flagship department of Jiwaji University, Gwalior set up with an objective to provide need based courses via distance education. It uses it state of art infrastructure and resources to offer quality distance education to the students that are from the catchment area of Jiwaji University.


  • To provide quality education opportunity to youngsters living in rural and remote areas in order to prepare them for a constructive role in the knowledge based society.
  • To equip them in skill that is demanded by market driven society.
  • To provide an opportunity for professionals to enhance their academic qualifications
Brochure for Distance Education