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Academic Process
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An attempt has been made to make the process of studying in distance education easy and predictive.

Majority of students who enroll for distance education are the one who are serving, family circumstances do not permit to be regular in attending classes, wish to advance their academic grounding, students from rural areas and others. Such students desire that academic process be easy, predictive and intuitive Further, the process should be such that students are able to learn without direct intervention of teacher.

Scheme – The assessment of academic programmes offered by School of Distance Education comprises of internal and external assessment. Internal assessment is based on assignments work completed by students during contact classes. The students are required to submit completed assignment as per the declared schedule. External assessment is made via end-term examinations held once a year as per the declared schedule.

  • Self-Learning Material – Printed self-learning material will be made available to students of distance education. The format of self-learning material include structure, objectives, introduction, subject matter, self-check exercises(activities), summary, keywords, answers to self-check exercises, references and further readings. Such study material is self-explanatory, self-contained, self-directed, self-motivating and self-evaluating which substitutes moderating role of a teacher.
  • Personal Contact Programmes – Personal Contact Programme provide students an opportunity for conceptual understanding of the courses and also for interacting and learning from other students. These sessions are conducted by the empanelled faculty of School of Distance Education. Personal contact program aim to include all or any of the following as per the session plan of the course:
    • Conceptual discussion
    • Student Doubt clearing
    • Group activity/discussion
    • Case study discussion
Assignment Work:
  • For each course you need to complete one assignment on a topic which will be given to you by the tutor. Assignments will carry 30 marks. Ten questions shall be given out of which five questions are needed to be attempted by students. Details are given in Appendix – .
  • The objective of assignments is to make their study continuous which can help them in preparing for end-term assessment.
Practical Examinations/Field Work/Project:
  • In courses where there is provision of practical examination/field work/project work, the same shall be undertaken at respective study centres.
End-term Examination:
  • Every course shall have a provision of end-term examination of 70 marks for each paper.
  • The date sheet of end-term examinations shall be announced well in advance.