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School of Distance Education

  • Post-graduate courses – 14
  • Graduate courses – 05
  • P.G. Diplomas, Diploma and Certificates – 04

School of Distance Education offered multitude of academic programmes aimed at upticking knowledge and skills of people in the catchment area.

The School offers some of the most sought after academic programmes. Statistics shows that popularity academic programmes and courses of the University has scaled year after year. The School focuses on offering a blend of traditional and professional courses with an intent to help people upgrade their existing skills and knowledge to the doorsteps of learners. These new genres of courses offer a right blend of academic programmes that not only meet the aspirations of the students but also dynamic needs of society at large.

  •    B.Sc. (PCM)
  •    B.Sc. (Computer Sc., Physics and Maths)
  •    P.G. Diploma in Computer Applications
  • B.Com
  •  M.B.A.
  •  P.G. Diploma in Human Resource Development
  • B.A. (in any three subjects out of History, Pol. Science, Sociology, Economics, Geography, English (Litt.),
              Hindi (Litt.)
  • B.Lib.I.Sc.
  • Bachelor of Journalism (BJ)
  • M.A. (Economics)
  • M.A. (History)
  • M.A. (Sociology)
  • M.A. (English)
  • M.A. (Hindi)
  • M.A. (Sanskrit)
  • M.A. (Political Science)
  • M.A. (Public Administration)
  • M.A. (Geography)
  • M.A. (Drawing & Painting)
  • M.A. (Social Work)
  • Master of Journalism (MJ)
  • M.Lib.I.Sc



Note: B.Sc. with different specializations is taken as one single course.