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Programme/s Offered:
  • M.A. English (Choice Based Credit System)            Diploma in English         Certificate in English
  • M.A. Sanskrit (Choice Based Credit System)
  • M.A. French (Choice Based Credit System)            Diploma in French          Certificate in French
  • M.A. Hindi (Choice Based Credit System)
  • M.Phil.                     Sanskrit / Hindi / English

Duration :
M.A. Two years
M.Phil. One year
Diploma and certificate (Part time evening classes – 5.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.) Six months
Seat Available :
M.A. M.Phil. Diploma Certificates NRI Seats
Subjects Open Seats Open Seats Payment Subjects Open Seats Subjects Open Seats

2 in each course
English 30 15 10 English 30 English 30
Hindi 30 10 10 French 30 French 30
French 10 - -        
Sanskrit 20 10 10        
Eligibility :
  • M.A. - Bachelor's degree with 50% marks.
  • M.A. French - Bachelor's degree with 50% marks and diploma in French.
  • M.Phil. Sanskrit - M.A. Sanskrit / Acharya / equivalent examination with 55% marks.
  • M.Phil. Hindi / English - M.A. Hindi / English or equivalent examination with 55% marks.
Diploma Courses : The candidate must have passed XII examination from a recognized board. Only those candidates shall be eligible to get admission to Diploma in English or French courses who have successfully completed the Certificate in English or French, respectively from Jiwaji University, Gwalior. For Diploma in Sanskrit, the candidate must have successfully completed one month Certificate in "Sanskrit Sambhashana".
Certificate Courses : The candidate must have Passed class XII (Higher Secondary Certificate Examination).

Note: Since it's a part time course for improving proficiency in languages, therefore, candidate can join Certificate Course while perusing regular studies in any institution in Gwalior or doing a regular service but the time of their regular studies/service should not clash with the time of these courses. The candidates who are doing regular service shall also be eligible to join these courses but such candidates will have to produce a No Objection Certificate from their respective offices.

Mode of Selection : On the basis of merit in index based on the qualifying examination.
Contact Person : Prof. Umesh Holani, Coordinator Ph.0751-2442704

M.A. Sanskrit :
I – Semester II – Semester III – Semester IV – Semester
osn Hkkjrh; n'kZu lkfgR; 'kkL= O;kdj.k fuca/k ,oa vuqokn
osnk| la[; ,oa feekalk laLd`r :id
ikyh izkd`r ,oa Hkk"kk foKku dkO; 'kkL= ok|e; ,oa vk/kqfud fo'o egkdkO; x|&i| rFkk pEiw dkO;
dkO; Hkkjrh; ,oa laLd`fr ,oa i;kZoj.k ukV~; 'kkL= fo'ks"k dfo dkfynkl
Course Structure :
Certificate in French Diploma in French
Translation and Grammer Translation and Grammar
Comprehension and communication skill Comprehension and communication skill
Viva-voce Viva-voce

M.A. French :
I – Semester II – Semester III – Semester IV – Semester
History of French literature from its origin up to 17th century History of French literature : 18th centuries History of French literature : 19th centuries History of French Literature 20 centuries
Drama Drama Presentation of different methodologies of teaching as a foreign language Contemporary French Culture and civilization
Novel and Poetry Novel and Poetry Introduction to Francophone literature Practical ; Advance Translation
Practical translation Initiation to linguistics and phonetics Contemporary French culture and civilization Study of Francophone literature
Project work Viva-Voce

M.A. English :
I – Semester II – Semester III – Semester IV – Semester
Literature in English (1340–1660) Part–I Poetry Literature in English (1798–1914) Part–I Study of Genre : Fiction (Part–I) Special study of Shakes-pear Part–I (Group–I) Special study of Shakes-pear (Part–II) (Group – I)
Literature in English (1340–1660)Part–II Drama Literature in English (1798–1914) Part–II Study of Genre : Fiction (Part – II) American literature (Part–I) (Group–II) American literature (Part–II) (Group–II)
Literature in English (1660–1798) Part–I Prose Literature in English (1914–2000) Part–I Critical theory Part – I Indian writers in English (Part–I) (Group – III) Indian writers in English (Part–II) (Group – III)
Literature in English (1660–1798) Part–II Fiction Literature in English (1914–2000) Part–II Critical theory Part – II Linguistic & stylistics Part – I (Group – IV) Linguistic & stylistics Part – I (Group – IV)

Certificate in English :
Diploma I – Semester Diploma II – Semester
Grammar and Vocabulary Applied Grammar and Vocabulary
Phonetics, Translation, Composition & Comprehension Phonetics, Transcription & advanced Composition
Reading Viva-Voce

M.Phil. Sanskrit / Hindi / English :
Eligibility : M.A.Sanskrit / Hindi / English with 55% marks.
Mode of Selection : On the basis of merit in test conducted by the university.
Fees for the Courses :
Course I Semester II Semester III Semester IV Semester
Open Seats -
M.A. Rs. 4335.00 Rs. 2425.00 Rs. 3295.00 Rs. 2425.00
Diploma Rs. 3550.00 at the time of admission
Certificate Rs. 3550.00 at the time of admission
M.Phil. Rs. 11940.00 Rs. 9525.00

Payment Seat: Rs. 9000/- per year additional to the fees for Open Seat.