Programmes Offered :
  • M.Sc. Environmental Science (Choice Based Credit System)
  • M. Phil.
  • Ph.D.

Profile of the Department:
The department was established during the VII–Plan in 1988 by University Grants Commission. Modern civilization endowed with the power of Science and Technology has been responsible for local, regional and global changes in the biosphere, which in its own turn has altered the quality of human life. This has also resulted into ecological problems like population explosion, migration, rehabilitation, urbanization, industrialization, flood, desertification, land degradation, pollution, loss of biodiversity etc. These all have originated as a result of inadequate and faulty planning associated with irrational use of the natural resources, more so, the non-renewable resources. In a bid to achieve excellence in agricultural and industrial fields, earlier nation five year- Plans seem to have turned their back towards possible damages to the environment, so necessary for sustainable development. There is thus a growing need for such educational programs which impart knowledge about the delicate interactions between various environmental factors to harness a sustainable symbiotic co-existence of Man with Nature. The curriculum of environmental science has, thus, been designed to incorporate and integrate the subject matters from a large number of disciplines. In its true sense the environmental science is not only multidisciplinary but has emerged out as an integrated subject. It embodies bulk of information pertaining to health education, medicine, life sciences, earth sciences, engineering, architecture, anthropology, history, culture, economics, ethics, psychology, etc.

A number of articles and research papers have been published by the teaching staff and research scholars of the Department in various national and international journals of repute and some books have been written and edited by researchers of the Department. The Department is equipped with good teaching and research facilities including library, computers, internet and networking laboratory, UV-visible spectrophotometer, high-speed and refrigerated centrifuge, BOD incubator, pH meters, conductivity meter, handy air samplers, high volume air sampler, autoclave, water/soil analysis kit, turbidity meter, laminar air flow, exhaust gas analyzer, inverted microscope etc. The department is actively working on vermin-composting and mushroom culturing. The department is inviting different experts from well reputed institutions to interact with students and researchers to create research environment in the department.

M.Sc. Environmental Science: (Two years / Four semester)
Eligibility : B.Sc. with 50% marks with Life Science subjects.
Available Seats : Open - 30          Payment - 05          NRI - 06
Mode of Selection : Merit in index based on the qualifying examinations.
Contact Person : Dr. Harendra K. Sharma, Associate Professor, Head
Visiting Faculty : Prof. P. Rajaram,      Dr. S.N. Mohapatra,      Prof. S. K. Shukla,      Dr. P. K Jain,
Dr. G.K. Sharma
Course Structure :
Semester - I Semester - II Semester - III Semester - IV
Fundamental of Environment, Climate & Soil Science Air, Noise Pollution & Control Earth Processes, Hazards and Risk assessment Global prospects towards environmental ethics & Sustainable development
Ecology, Biodiversity, Forestry, Wildlife & their Conservation Water, Thermal and Radioactive Pollution Biotechnology , Toxicology & Environmental Mngt. Statistics, Biometry and Research Methodology
Environmental economics, Natural resources Hazardous waste treat-ment, Solid waste Mngt. & Occupational heal Surveying , Photointerpretation & Remote Sensing Practical-I / Case studies
Energy and Environment EIA, EMS and EA Environmental Admn., Law & Judicial Attitude. Field work / Project work. Dissertation
Practical – I Practical - I Practical - I
Practical – II Practical – II Practical – II

Eligibility : M.Sc. Environmental Science with 55% marks.
Available Seats : Open - 05          NRI - 02
Mode of Selection : On the basis of merit in test conducted by the university.
Fees for the course:
Course I Semester II Semester III Semester IV Semester
Open Seats -
M.Sc. Rs. 8835.00 Rs. 4925.00 Rs. 5795.00 Rs. 4925.00
M.Phil. Rs. 15440.00 Rs. 12025.00

Payment Seat : M.Sc. - Rs. 7000/- per year additional to the fees for Open Seat

National Conference on Recent Trends in Environmental Science,
Organized by Department on 4-5 Feb. 2014.