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With more and more automation and instrumentation reaching each and every department/section, the need for the proper service and maintenance has acquired the top priority. Secondly it has become almost inevitable for individual departments to buy costly sophisticated instruments. University Science Instrumentation Center (USIC) in this university was also established with these points in mind. Since its establishment as a level.I USIC, it has developed into a successful maintenance, fabrication and servicing center for university department and affiliated colleges.

Until March 31, 1995, all the repair, maintenances and fabrication jobs were entertained free of cost. With effect from April 1,1995, in accordance with the UGC guidelines, all kind of jobs are now performed on payment basis. Additionally, in consultation with the chairman, advisory committee and to extract maximum output from the existing infrastructure, USIC has also started accepting jobs from private organizations and industries. This is important in view of Malanpur industrial area situated about 25 KMS. Gwalior. With the minimal facilities and expertise available, USIC has developed a good rapport with all the departments in general and with a quite many industries in particular. This has initiated a new zeal and interest in the working staff.

Supporting Staff

Existing personnel, through a small number, are actively engaged in various jobs related to mechanical, electronic and glass blowing. Keeping in mind the new proposal for outside/private jobs, and with a view to establish a common facility centre, there is a great need to enhance the technical staff.

Present status of the staff is as follows-

  • S.S.O (Technical officer II) – One
  • Foreman (Technical Grade V) – One
  • S.T.A (Technician Grade V) – One
  • Mechanic (Technician Grade II) – Four
Existing Infrastructure

With the initial seed money received at the time of establishment and nominal equipment grant (Rs. 80,000/-) received then after, following major equipments have been acquired for various workshops.

  • Lathe Machine – Center Lathe Machine ‘KIRLOSKAR’ make Entherprise 1330 Model
  • Milling Machine – Universal Horizontal, Knee type, Milling Machine ‘Batliboi’ Make FA-3 model with Dividing head and vertical head.
  • Drilling Machine – Pillar type Drill Machine ¾” Capacity
  • Power Hacksaw Machine – Hacksaw Machine 9” Capacity ‘Kirloskar’ make Hydrolic power
  • Tool Grinder – Bench Type
  • Spot Welding M/C – Air cooled type spot welding machine
  • Arc welding – Arc welding unit, 350 Amp. Capacity
  • Gas Welding – Gas welding set with 2 nos Acetylene cylinders
  • Hand Press – Hand Press no. 4 International make
  • Hand Sheater Cutter – Batliboi Make V-8R/S model


  • Radart Q Meter
  • A.C. Variable power supply
  • D.C. power supply
  • A.F. power meter up to 20 Watt/10
  • Valve Tester
  • Microprocessor Kit
  • Oscillator 1 MHz (systronics)
  • Oscillator (High frequency)
  • Millimeter (Motwane)
  • Single trace Oscilloscope(Systronics)
  • pH calibrator (2 MHz)
  • Clamp Tester
  • Digital Mutimeter (0 to 30 V Dc)/150 mA
  • dual Trace Oscilloscope
  • Twin transistor power supply
  • L.C.R. Bridge
  • Temperature tester
  • R.F. Oscillator
  • A.C. Microvoltmeter
  • I.C. Tester (Digital)
  • Indance Gas and Oxygen gas cylinder
  • Table Glass blowing Burner
  • Air Compressor

During the last five years USIC has entertained jobs received from various teaching departments and affiliated colleges. Besides this, various jobs have also been entertained during last two years from private organizations and industries. Some of the major industries, with whom the rapport has been established are SRF Limited, Britannia, Godrej, CIMMCO.