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Welcome Note - Vice Chancellor

Professor Sangeeta Shukla

Vice-Chancellor of Jiwaji University, Gwalior

I feel pleasure in welcoming you to Jiwaji University, one of the finest institutions of higher learning in Central India. Recently the NAAC has accredited with ’A’ grade to this university. The University is situated in the city of Gwalior, which is the MUSICAL-CULTURAL capital of India. The University campus is under CCTV camera surveillance for student safety. Gwalior has traditionally been the seat of power in India for several centuries and has a unique heritage of great kings, saints, literates, visionaries and reformers. On one hand, India is re-emerging on the global scene and marching towards becoming an economic power and while on the other hand Gwalior is emerging as a hub for various facets of education. The University is poised to be an intellectual nerve center for this rapid growth and development.

Jiwaji University combines the best of ancient wisdom of India with futuristic mantra of ‘Think Global and Act Local’. You will find that continuity co-exists here with the change and traditional excellence thrives with the contemporary. It is to be mentioned here that the University is well placed to grapple with the challenges of creating thought and action in a wide range of spheres so as to progressively respond to the emerging societal needs of our country. We endeavor to inculcate in our students the spirit of competitive efficiency, an ability to re-invent themselves dynamically in their pursuit of global excellence. Our historic and serene campus is located in the North-East of Gwalior. You will find the lush green placid environs, state of art facilities and an ideal atmosphere to pursue learning and conduct research.

Madhya Pradesh has proved its excellence in almost all fronts including higher education, information technology, biotechnology and management. Several multinationals and research institutes are seeking this state for its resources such as technical skills, business acumen and wealth of knowledge. To touch the greater heights in various aspects of sciences, social sciences, management, technical education and to become a world-class institution, Jiwaji University proposes to start a Multidisciplinary Research Park at its campus. This would serve as a knowledge hub with active links with neighboring educational institutions, research institutes and business houses along with leading international Universities as research partners.

At the National level, Jiwaji University has signed Memorandum of Understanding with research institutes in recent years. The MOU would facilitate joint research and exchange of faculty & students. Jiwaji University is also planning to sign MOU with some of the foreign Universities in near future.

I am proud to record the excellent work done by our teachers in molding the younger generation of tomorrow. Efforts are being taken to groom our students to become quality professionals so as to meet the standards of modern industry. The students are exposed to the current happenings in their specialized fields by way of international / National Seminars, Symposia and Conferences.

Each and every student brings his / her unique culture, tradition and perceptions to our University. I personally welcome you to the Jiwaji University – Come and Contribute to this rich heritage and take away a unique learning experience, making it your gateway to success. The students have to get all information on website. In addition all cash transaction is online through bank or mponline.gov.in, not only facilitating the students but also make the university system transparent.

I am hopeful that the information you are looking for, will be available in the pages ahead or on our web site “www.jiwaji.edu”. You may contact the specific School of Studies or Centers to gather the detailed information about the specific course in case of further clarification.

I wish you all the best in your quest for excellence.