Profile of the USIC :
University Science and Instrumentation Centre (USIC) was established in 1982 during the 5th plan period. At that time the status designated to this centre was level – I. This centre is a non-teaching department of this university. It takes care of the repairing and maintenance of laboratory instruments, fabrication and designing of faulty parts of various instruments used in school of studies and in the laboratories of the colleges affiliated to this university.

Facilities available : This centre has following facilities:
Mechanical shop : This shop is equipped with Lathe machine, Milling machine, Power Hacksaw, Drilling machine, Cutting machine, Press machine
Electrical / Electronics shop : This shop has various measuring instruments such as Function generator, Oscilloscope, Dual trace power supply, Tong tester, Digital multi-meter, Radart Q meter, Valve tube tester, Micro processor Kit, PH calibrator, LCR bridge
Glass blowing / cutting
shop :
This shop utilizes Air Compressor, Table glass blowing burner, Indane and Oxygen gas cylinder. All necessary facilities are available in this shop
Welding shop : This shop has arc welding machine and Spot welding machine facilities
Electrical and Electronics shop, besides other maintenance work, has fabricated various instruments and their parts. Some of them are fellows;
  • Melting point apparatus was designed and fabricated for the students of SOS in Chemical Sales and Marketing Management and Research students of Industrial chemistry, Jiwaji University Gwalior.
  • Bread board with regulated power supply for Institute of Engineering, Jiwaji University, Gwalior.
  • Switch boards for Institute Of Engineering, Jiwaji University. Gwalior.
  • Lamp load boards for Wattmeter practical for Institute of Engineering, Jiwaji University, Gwalior.
  • Electrical furnace to be used in Czcharalski method of crystal growth.

The Mechanical shop has supplied various bushes in industries at nominal costs. The shop has fabricated various attachments used in different machines used for research purpose.

The center also imparts workshop, training to the students of Institute of Engineering of this university. Technical support to the research students of various disciplines is also provided by USIC. Academic activities related to the training to the teachers and technical staff of the universities and colleges of Madhya Pradesh have also been taken by this center in collaboration with WRIC, Mumbai. In the past this center has been organizing course on refrigeration technology for the students and technicians. The technicians have successfully performed responsibility of maintaining the intercom facility of the university, in the past.

The center also takes jobs on nominal charge from Private industries and parties. This has made the center to generate some funds which are being used in the development of this center.
Faculty / Staff : University Science Instrumentation center has a team of trained experts in different fields, namely Mr. R.P. Mishra, Mr. Shahid Khan and Mr. Nirmal S. Yadav.
Contact Person : Prof. A.K. Shrivastava, Head

A small Library is also being maintained by this center to have the students’ excess for consultation of data of electronic components.