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Programme/s Offered:
  • M.A. (Two years / Four semesters), Choice Based Credit System
  • Diploma in spirituality and personality development (Two semesters)

Jyotirvigyan is one of the main subjects of our traditional and classical knowledge. This is the discipline in which the events happening in human life and in the universe on time scales are studied. The distinguishing feature of this subject is that it makes us familiar with time, its nature and feature and its effects on human life and other events and that way it helps us to manage and make optimal utilization of time. It is a common feature that despite of best methods adopted for estimation, the events happen in different way and add to worries, tensions and frustration in life. Here Jyotirvigyan can help to see the unforeseen, it being the subject dealing with the time. The course in Jyotirvigyan will impart the knowledge of this subject to the people and will add a new dimension for research in the fields of Hindu-Mathematics, Vastu-shastra, Meteorological studies, Agriculture Science, Space Science, etc.

M.A. Jyotirvigyan : (Two year / Four semester)
Contact Person : Dr. D. C. Gupta,
Phone : 0751-2442883, 884, 777
Total Seats : Open = 20 Payment = 05 NRI = 05
Eligibility : B.A. / B.Sc. / B.Com. or any other graduate with 50% marks.
Mode of Selection : On the basis of merit in index based on the qualifing examination.
Course Structure :
I – Semester II – Semester III – Semester IV – Semester
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Diploma in spirituality and personality development (Two semesters / One year)

Know your true being, Know your inner self - Be a living soul.
The course can transform young minds and raise their level of instincts, which will help manifest the perfection, which is already in them. It will help blossom invincible characters enhancing their physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual components. It would ensure perceptive and understanding minds, who are aware of their own potential and are capable of its realization with their spiritual experiences they would be able to operate on a different and higher level of consciousness and this could be brought to use in their professional and personal arenas and social pursuits.
The need of the hour is to rebuild the shattered society which could be made possible with the blend of concentration of mind, purity of life, faith in oneself, strength in the body and fearlessness of thoughts in the personality leading to a strong character.

Fees for the Courses :
Course I Semester II Semester III Semester IV Semester
Open Seats -
M.A. Rs. 6335.00 Rs. 4425.00 Rs.5295.00 Rs. 4425.00
Diploma in Spirituality & Personality Management Rs. 6935.00 Rs. 4525.00

Payment Seat: Rs. 7000/- per year additional to the fees for Open Seat.