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Courses Offered :
  • M.Sc. (Choice Based Credit System)
  • M. Phil.
  • Ph.D. and D.Sc.
Profile of the Department:
The school of studies in Chemistry, Jiwaji University, Gwalior came into existence in 1971 as teaching and research centre. Over a period of time, it has acquired prestigious status at National level. Major areas of research carried out in this department includes, electro-analytical, environmental, organometallic, coordination, kinetics, water management, ion exchange chromatography, treatment of radioactive water, synthesis of chemotherapeutics, homogeneous catalysis and industrial chemistry. There have been a significant contributions in the frontier areas of chemical sciences by way of research publications in journals of repute. Various funding agencies is providing financial assistance. The department has been adopted by DST under its program for improvement of science and technology (FIST). Facilities available : FTIR Spectrophotometer, Gas Chromatograph, Millipore water purifying system, UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Potentiostat, Versastat II, D.C. Polarograph, Pulse Polarograph, Karl Fischer titrator, Cyclic Voltammeter, Handy Air Sampler, COD Digester, BOD incubator, High Volume sampler, Ion Selective Electrodes, pH meter, Conductivity-meter, Flame Photometer, Refractometer along with instruments for routine analysis, Electrophoresis, Photochemical Reactor, Placement : Students of the department have got placement in different Government & Private sectors in the areas of Research and Development, teaching, Pharmaceutical Industries, Fine Chemicals Industries, Food Chemists etc. Many students are pursuing advance degree at leading Universities across the globe in the areas of Chemistry.

M. Sc. Chemistry ( Two years / Four Semesters)
Eligibility : B.Sc. with Chemistry with 50% marks.
Total Seats: Open = 45 Payment = 05 NRI = 06
Mode of Selection : On the basis of the merit in index based on the qualifying examinations.
Faculty :
Prof. Radha Tomar, Professor & Head Prof. D.D. Agarwal
Prof. A.K. Halve Prof. S.K. Shrivastava Prof. S.K. Gupta
Course Structure :
First Semester Second Semester
Inorganic Chemistry - I Inorganic Chemistry - II
Organic Chemistry - I Organic Chemistry - II
Physical Chemistry - I Physical Chemistry - II
Group Theory & Spectroscopy – I
a) Mathematics for Chemists*
b) Biology for Chemists**
* Student have to choose any one from a and b
Spectroscopy – II
Computer for Chemists
Practical Practical
Third Semester Fourth Semester
Applications of Spectroscopy (Inorganic Chemistry) Applications of Spectroscopy ( Organic Chemistry)
Photo Chemistry Solid State Chemistry
Biochemistry Environmental Chemistry
Elective Paper Elective Paper
Elective Paper Elective Paper
Practical Practical
Elective for Semester III Elective for Semester IV
Organic Synthesis Organotransition Metal Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry Polymers
Medicinal Chemistry Heterocyclic Chemistry
Electrochemistry Chemistry of Natural Products
Physical Organic Chemistry

M.Phil. Chemistry
Eligibility : M.Sc. Chemistry /Indus. Chem./Env. Chem./Pharma Chemistry/ICA/ Allied Subjects with 55% marks.
Total Seats: Open = 10 NRI = 02
Mode of Selection : On the basis of merit in test conducted by the university.
Fees for the Courses :
Course First Semester Second Semester Third Semester Fourth Semester
Open Seats -
M.Sc. Rs. 8835.00 Rs. 4925.00 Rs. 5795.00 Rs. 4925.00
M.Phil. Rs. 15440.00 Rs. 12025.00

Payment Seat: Rs. 7000/- additional per year to the fees for Open Seat.