Courses Offered :
  • MBA in Chemicals, Sales & Marketing Management
  • M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry (Choice Based Credit System)

“Studying at SOS in Chemical Sales & Marketing Management is intense, enjoyable and rewarding. You work with experts and simultaneously develop a professional attitude to become a 'specialists' in your field. There can be few places offering so many opportunities and experiences to be shared with so many like-minded people.”

Profile of the Department:

With the aim of developing one of the best industrial chemistry research and management educational institutes in the country, Department of Chemical Sales & Marketing Management has started two specialized job oriented courses.

The chemical industry in India is on the threshold of a revolution that will make it a power to reckon with in the post WTO era. It has been growing at the rate of 12% p.a., which almost twice the rate of growth of GDP and therefore requirement of skilled manpower is also increased in the proportion. Two factors need to be emphasized namely the need to set up Research & Development Centers and increase in the marketing & exports sector. With the facts in hand, the department is offering innovative research oriented courses with the quality vision that can meet the requirement of knowledge based skilled manpower by chemical industries. The objective of the courses is to develop research and quality management aptitude in students with proper scientific & technical knowledge The Supervision system isone of the real strengths of the department for close individual support. As a graduate student in the department students are expected to work largely on their own initiative but this varies according to their area of work. The overall objective is to develop a research-oriented attitude and generate a confidence level to handle the challenges of industry.

MBA – Chemicals, Sales and Marketing Management: Two year / Four Semester course
     (UGC Innovative Programme)
The course was started in 1994 with a vision for developing scientifically trained marketing/quality management professional for Pharmaceuticals, Fine Chemical Industries & also for its fringes viz., Food, Cosmetics, Paints, Polymer, etc.
Eligibility : B.Sc. with Chemistry/Chemical Tech./Industrial Chemistry/Biochem/ B.Pharma with 50% marks.
Available Seats: Open = 40 Payment = 05 NRI = 06
Mode of Selection : On the basis of the merit in entrance test conducted by the university.
Contact Person : Prof. Sanjay Kumar Shrivastava
Course Structure : The course is subdivided in two specialization streams:
Industrial Chemicals Marketing (Group-A) Pharmaceutical Marketing (Group-B) The management papers are compulsory and candidates have to give their choice for specialization in the beginning of the course.
Semester- I Semester- II
Management concept & Process Marketing Management
Management Accounting Financial Management
Marketing Research & Analytical Techniques Business Environment
Elective Group – A Elective Group – B Elective Group – A Elective Group – B
Analytical Chemistry Analytical Chemistry Chemistry of Natural Products Medicinal Chemistry-I
Pestiside Chemistry Biochemical’s Unit operation Microbiology
Paints & Pigments Anatomy & Physiology Polymer Science - I Pharmaceutics
Semester- III Semester- IV
Organizational behavior Business law
Advertisement Management Business policy and strategic analysis
Sales & Distribution Management International marketing
Elective Group – A Elective Group – B Elective Group – A Elective Group – B
Spectroscopy Spectroscopy Petrochemicals Oil & Soaps Medicinal Chemistry-III
Polymer Science-II Medicinal Chemistry-II Industrial Chemicals Clinical Pathology
Project and Viva Project and Viva Project and Project Viva Diagnostics Techniques Project work
Project and Project Viva

M. Sc. - Industrial Chemistry: Two year / Four Semester course
The course has been designed and started in 2003 to develop trained manpower for Research and Development as well quality control laboratories of Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemical industries. Students have good synthetic chemistry and analytical exposure in the laboratory.
Eligibility : B.Sc. with Chemistry/Chemical Tech. /Industrial Chemistry/Biochem with 50% mark.
Available Seats: Open = 30 Payment = 10 NRI = 05
Mode of Selection : On the basis of the merit in Index based on the qualifying examinations.
Course Structure : This course is sub-divided into two specialization streams
Fine chemicals (Group A) Pharmaceuticals(Group B)
Semester- I Semester- II
Analytical Chemistry Organic Chemistry–I Chemistry of Natural Products Organic Chemistry-III
Physical Chemistry Lab I & II Organic Chemistry–II Lab – I & II
Fine Group – A Pharma Group – B Fine Group – A Pharma Group – B
Paints & Pigments Biochemical’s Polymer Science-I Medicinal Chemistry-I
Semester- III Semester- IV
Spectroscopy IPR & Technology Management
Unit Operations Advance Instrumentation Techniques
Lab. I & II Organic Chemistry–IV
Industrial Tranning & Project I & II
Fine Group – A Pharma Group – B Fine Group – A Pharma Group – B
Polymer Science-II Medicinal Chemistry-II Petrochemical, Oils & Soap Medicinal Chemistry-III
Pesticide Chemistry Pharmaceutics
Infrastructural Facilities
SOS in chemicals, sales and marketing has developed its infra structural facilities by the fund generated through the course. It has got building constructed and classroom with state of art furniture, equipped laboratories, staff rooms, offices, library etc. has been furnished.
Teaching Methodology
Class Room Teaching Group-Discussion Case Studies Marketing Surveys
Management Games Industrial Training Smart Classes
Aventis Ltd. Sun Pharma Ltd. Ranbaxy-Solus Pharma
Morepan Laboratories Hindustan Latex Ltd. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories
Cipla Ltd. Lupin Ltd. Cadila Healthcare Ltd.
Doshi-Ion Ltd. Core Healthcare Ltd. Novartis Pharma
Glaxo Pharma Ltd. Macleods J. Mitra & Co.
Summer training and Project
Courses have compulsory industrial training as the integral part of curriculum so that at the end of the course students are familiar with working environment and technologies of related industries. Department has in-house cell to arrange the training for students.
Department is equipped with advanced microprocessor based instruments &equipmentsviz; UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, Gas Chromatograph, Karl Fisher Titrater, Polarimeter, Nephelometer, Conductivity Meter, pH Meters, Refracto Meter, Tablet Hardness Tester, Friability Test Apparatus, Bulk Density Measurement, Dissolution Rate Apparatus, Pressure Reactor, MettlerSingle Pan Balance etc.
Computer lab. is equipped with advanced computers and latest software that help in R&D, product designing, and database management system. Dedicated network with Internet facility is available to students.
Library is equipped with large no of subject related books, case studies; periodicals, journals and other reference materials and is regularly revised for continuous up gradation. There are about 4000 books.
Research Center
Comprehensive range of facilities is available to support research. Our Department has a tradition of collaboration and sharing which has enabled both well-supported community facilities and sharing of resources located in-group research and teaching areas. Department has well equipped research laboratory to work on various aspects of industrial chemistry.
Academic & Research
Staff Eminent faculty and industrial experts conduct lectures. They provide opportunities for smaller groups of faculty to collaborate in teaching new courses, advising students, and arranging seminar programs. Students also find these divisions useful in organizing specialized seminar programs and discussion groups.
Contact Person : Prof. Sanjay Kumar Shrivastava (Head); Tel: 0751 2442875/876
Cell: 09406587806
Visiting Faculty : Dr. P. N. Pandey
Dr. R. C. Malhotra
Dr. D. C. Gupta
Guest Faculty :
Mrs.Menka Sharma Dr. Pratibha Jain Ms. RaginiTomar Ms.Madhavi Singh
Dr. Pooja Sharma Dr. PriyaPavaiya Dr. Ambika Chopra
Rewarding Careers (Placements)
Department has developed strong relations with industries all over India for mutual cooperation. It is encouraging that many industries in fine and pharma sector are coming every year to SOS in CSM. This has enhanced CSM’s faith in itself and the learning process that the students undergo. The institute had a successful 100% placement in 2013-14. Department has strong alumni base to share the experiences. Our Alumni are placed in the prominent industries. Some of them are as follows:
Aventis Ltd. Sun Pharma Ltd. Ranbaxy-Solus Pharma
Morepan Laboratories Hindustan Latex Ltd. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories
Cipla Ltd. Lupin Ltd. Cadila Healthcare Ltd.
Doshi-Ion Ltd. Core Healthcare Ltd. Novartis Pharma
Glaxo Pharma Ltd. Macleods J. Mitra & Co.
Fine Chemicals Companies :
Ranbaxy FineChem.Ltd., Thermax India. Ltd., Ion Exchange India Ltd,
Cadila Chemicals, Castrol India, Asian Paints Ltd.,
Glaxo Fine Chem. Ltd., Goodless Nerolac Paints, Dioners Specialty Chem.
High Polymer Labs, E-Merk Ltd., Qualichem India
Others :
Mc-Dowels, Pepsi Foods, Mohan Mekins,
Cadbury India Ltd., Agra Beverages Corp. Kodak
Fees Structure :
Course I Semester II Semester III Semester IV Semester
Open Seats -
MBA CSMM Rs. 17035.00 Rs. 12125.00 Rs. 12995.00 Rs. 12125.00
M.Sc. Ind. Chem. Rs. 17335.00 Rs. 13425.00 Rs. 14295.00 Rs. 13425.00

Payment Seat: M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry, MBA CSMM - Rs. 11000/- additional to the fees for Open Seat per year.