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Department of Mathematics

Mathematical Study of Physiological Heat Flow Problems:-

The Physiological heat transfer problems in human dermal regions incorporating the effect of various physiological processes like metabolism, perspiration and micro-circulation with complex and irregular geometry's have been investigated using analytical and numerical techniques like finite element methods. The effect on heat distribution in skin & subcutaneous tissue region due to burn injury, abnormal growth and aging have also been studied. The department is known internationally for this work.

Mathematical Modelling in Population and Community Ecology:-

In the department the research work is being undertaken on the problems related to the existence and co-existence of one or more interacting species systems under different ecological and environmental stresses. In this area, various aspects including effects of pollutants, effects of poaching, effect of patchy habitat and age structure on different interacting species systems have been investigated.

Modelling Dynamics of Communicable and Infections Diseases:-

In this area models have been developed to such different communreable diseases including AIDS and STD 's in structured and classified population.

Air Population Modeling:-

Models have been developed to study the dispersion of air pollution considering variable reaction are reaction rate wind velocity and other elimate conditions into various atomospheric layers using sophisticated numerical techniques.

Special Function and Lie Theory:-

In the field of special functions and Lie theory the department has applied the Lie theoretic technique of obtaining generating functions for various atmospheric layers using sophisticated numerical techniques of obtaining generating functions for various special functions and obtained several new results. The Lie algebrate structure of H functions was discovered and several new results. The Lie algebrate structure of H functions was discovered and several identities of these functions were interpreted algebraically. Some identities of hypergemoetric functions of two variables were also derived. In the Field of special functions several generalized hypergeometric function namely the 1-funciton was introduced various convergence condition and dual integral equations involving these functions have been obtained. The Life algdebrate structure of these functions was also developed.

Theoretical Computer Science:-

In this modeling and simulation of various systems have been undertaken. A study of Neural Network and their applications has also been initiated.