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Components of General Fee

 I Sem (Rs.)II Sem (Rs.)III Sem(Rs.)IV Sem(Rs.)V Sem (Rs.)VI Sem(Rs.)VIISem (Rs.)VIII Sem(Rs.)IX Sem(Rs.)X Sem(Rs.)
Union Fee40.
University Sports300.00.0300.00.0300.00.0300.00.0300.00.0
Student Welfare40.
Identity Card30.
SoS Development Fee1000.0500.01000.0500.01000.0500.01000.0500.01000.0500.0
Student Aid10.
Magazine Fee30.
SoS Library Fee200.00.0200.00.0200.00.0200.00.0200.00.0
Central Library Fee200.00.0200.00.0200.00.0200.00.0200.00.0
Students Insurance Fee50.
Armed Force Flag
Health Centre Dev.
Alumni Association -500.0-500.0------
Total General Fee1935.01025.01895.01025.01895.0525.01895.0525.01895.0525.0

Notes :

  • No fee, except caution money, shall be refunded in any case whatsoever.
  • Examination fee and hostel fee shall be charged separately.
  • The course where the field work / tour are a part of syllabus, an additional fee for the same shall be charged depending upon the distance and duration of tour.
  • Late fee imposed due to delayed payment of scheduled fee shall be additional.

I). Amount of Fees to be deposited at the time of admission
     (I) Fees for open seats

01.M.Sc. in Industrial Chemistry/Instrumentation & Commercial Methods of Analysis/ / Environmental Chemistry/ Computer Sc/ Pharmaceutical Chemistry/ Electronics/Medicinal Plant & Herbal Resource management 17335
02.M.Sc. in Remote Sensing and GIS22335
03.M.Sc. in Biotechnology/ Microbiology /Food Technology / MHG 26335
04.PGD in Forensic Science18835
05.M.Sc. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics , Zoology, Botany, Geology, Biochemistry, Environmental Science, Neuroscience8835
06.M.B.A. Financial Administration, M.B.A. HRD18935
07.M.B.A. in Business Economics, CSMM, E-Commerce,, Heritage Tourism Management and M.J.M.C. Courses17035
08.M.B.A. Tourism Administration17035
09.M.B.A. Hospital Administration23935
10.M.A. in Extension Education & Social Work / Education / P.G.D.in Retail Management/ P.G.D.in Financial Admn / M. A. Jyotirvigyan6335
11.M.Com / M.A. Economics. Political Sc., Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Pub. Admn./ PGD in Musiology4335
12.P.G. Diploma in Marketing Management: Advt. & Sales Administration8335
13.B. Lib. I. Sc.6835
14.M. Lib. I. Sc.6835
17.B.A. LL.B., B.Com. LL.B. (Five year Integrated)16935
19.B.B.A., B.B.S.14885
21.Diploma in Food Production15935
22.B.C.A. / P.G.D.C.A.13435
23.B.H.M & C.T.37335
24.P.G. Diploma in Yoga Therapy, Diploma in Spirituality & Personality Management, Diploma in Security Management.6935
25.Certificate & Diploma Courses in English / French, Certificate in Security Management.3550
26.BM, MAM14885
27.Diploma in Printing Technology5050
28.M.Tech. 42010

(II) Additional Fee for Payment Seats
     (This amount should be added in the Fee for open seats)

Extra Amount to be depositedFrequencyCourses
Rs. 7000 /- Per Year M.Sc. : Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Zoology, Botany, Environment Science , Geology, Biotechnology, Computer Science, Biochemistry, Electronics
Rs. 7000 /- Per Year M.A.: AIHCA, History, Economics, Political Science, Extension Education and Social Work, Education, M.A Jyotirvigyan.
Rs. 7000 /- Per Year B.Lib.I.Sc., M.Lib.I.Sc., Master of Journalism & Mass Communication, M.Com., BBS
Rs. 9000/- Per Year LL.M and M.Phil.
Rs. 11000/- Per Year M.Sc. : Instrumentation & Commercial Methods of Industrial Analysis, Environmental Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Remote Sensing & GIS,
Rs. 11000/- Per Year M.B.A. : Business Economics, Financial Administration, , CSMM, Human Resource Development, e-Commerce, Heritage Tourism Management
Rs. 20000/- Per Year M.B.A : Hospital Administration
Rs. 11000 /- Per YearB.B.A., B.C.A., B.T.M., B.H.M & C.T ,BM, MAM
Rs. 16000/- Per Year M.Sc. : Microbiology, Food Technology, MHG, Medicinal plant & Herbal Resource Mngt.
Rs. 11000 /- One- Time (During admission) B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed.
Rs. 10000 /- One- Time (During admission) MBA Tourism Administration, BHM&CT

III. Fee for NRI candidate - US $ 2500.00 per annum in addition to the normal fee (applicable for all courses). For admission on NRI seats, an applicant should contact concerned department.

IV. Fee for Sponsored candidate - Candidates sponsored by various organizations for admission, will be required to deposit sponsorship fee of Rs. 25000/- in addition to the designated fee for payment seat of the course.

Note: It is advisable that the students bring two bank drafts, one for the course fee for open seats and the other for fee of payment seats (in case he is ready to take admission on payment seat).

Note: If no sponsored candidates are available, the seats will be transferred to payment seat category. The fee structure for sponsored candidate will remain same as for payment seat. However, they are required to pay one time sponsorship fees of Rs.25000/- extra at the time of admission. Sponsored candidate are required to fulfill minimum eligibility criterion (50%at graduation) and will have to furnish a sponsorship certificate from the present employer. He/she will also have to take leave during the course period. He she is not required to appear in Entrance test