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Career and Counseling Cell (CCC) has been established in the Jiwaji University (School of Studies in Zoology Building) for the benefit of students. The Jiwaji University is looking ahead for providing opportunities for career development of students by organizing workshops, seminars interactive meetings, campus selection by leading firms, industries and companies. The Career and Counseling Cell, established in the Jiwaji University with financial assistance from University Grants Commission, New Delhi, is organizing these programs in collaborations with different Departments and organizations to explore the opportunities and provide basic knowledge and awareness on the Career and Placement issues to the students and Researchers in the Jiwaji University.

Establishing a Career and Counseling Cell in the Jiwaji University is to address the diverse socio-economic handicaps and geographic backgrounds of the heterogeneous population of students coming to the University vis-à-vis equity of access and placement opportunities through availability of appropriate institutional support information. Linguistic differences and cultural gaps among students also call for the setting up of such a dispensation for suitable guidance and support in this age of globalization and competitive placements. Availability of relevant and accessible information coupled with professional guidance to utilize the same can result into better career achievements outside the classrooms and help in their healthy progression of our students. Information and communication facilities have been generated in the CCC like computer with internet facility, telephone and Fax, Projection facilities etc. The Career and Counseling Cell offers support to our students makes them confident to perform better. The Career and Counseling Cell would help the students with appropriate guidance to establish linkages with the world of work and locate career opportunities and job profiles in the context of highly competitive emerging occupational patterns. In collaboration with School of Studies in Tourism and Travel Management, campus placement had been organized recently for the post of management Trainees for IV Semester Students of MBA Tourism. A three day workshop was organized during 11-13th March 2011 for University Students. More than 400 students have been participated in the workshop. Campus placement activities are in progress in different departments like Industrial Chemistry, Chemical Sales Management, Engineering, Food Technology, etc.

The Jiwaji University provides opportunity to the qualified students in securing jobs, training for project works that leads to secure jobs in different companies, institutions, Government and Non-government organizations. We are getting information from members of our Alumni regarding their placements as well as future placement opportunities in their fields for the benefit of our students who are completing their course. Four companies viz. Sesa Sterlite’ (Vedanta Group), Axis Bank, M/S Money capital Height research Investment Advisors Pvt.Ltd. Indore, Nestle, M/s Reliance Communication held campus interviews at Jiwaji University during the preceding 4 month period.
Contact details:
Prof. G.B.K.S. Prasad
Coordinator Career and Counseling Cell
School of Studies in Zoology Building
Telephone and Fax: 2442612
Email: cccjugwl@gmail.com
Mobile: 09229197619